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 As the second semester begins, and you’ve already begun with our tips to help your child start the new year right,  you may now be wondering how you can improve your communication with your child’s teacher, in order to see where he or she is having struggles. The Tutoring Center in...
Can you believe the new year is here? Moreover, sooner rather than later, your child will be back in school. Needless to say, they need to be ready to take on the new challenges after their winter break, which is why you should smooth the transition as much as possible. In this post, The Tutoring...
Reading is a basic school skill that expands the vocabulary and enhances memory and creativity among many other benefits. However, for some children, reading can represent a difficulty which can lead to reluctance. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Humble, we created the following post...
Your child is expected to take in a huge amount of information at school, especially as they get older, and they can’t be expected to simply remember it all. Taking effective notes is a massive help when it comes to revising, but it can also help absorb information at the time of writing. Make...
The Tutoring Center in Humble would like to share six simple tips for you and your child, in order to help him or her remain organized this school year. Remember that there is a relationship between organization and academic excellence, and as we care about your child’s achievement, we hope that...
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