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If your goal is to raise globally minded children, you can start with the world of books. There are endless amounts of books that can teach your children about the world and many of its different cultures through fun stories. The Tutoring Center, Humble TX has compiled a short list of fun suggestions.

For the Love of Soccer! by Pelé

 For the Love of Soccer! is the autobiography of the world’s greatest soccer player, Pelé. Soccer is enjoyed in much the same way by many countries. The story tells about Pelé’s childhood, his athletic efforts, and how he’s still an international soccer powerhouse and an important part of Brazilian culture.

Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Bjork and Lena Anderson

Linnea visits Paris and has many great adventures, from staying in an old hotel with a view of Notre-Dame Cathedral, to standing in the same Japanese bridge Monet painted in his pictures. Children will learn about Paris, Monet, and Impressionism. Linnea in Monet’s Garden is a great book for children who enjoy art.

Bee-bim Bop! By Linda Sue Park and Ho Baek Lee

Bee-bim bop is a popular Korean dish, and this story tells about a young girl helping her mother prepare it for dinner. Young readers will be excited to try this typical Korean dish after reading Bee-bim Bop! Plus, the author includes the recipe at the end of the book.

Building an Igloo by Ulli Steltzer

Most children know that an igloo is a house made out of ice. Building an Igloo is a story about an Inuit father and son talking about why they no longer live in igloos and only build them when they go hunting.

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