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Is Poor Vision Preventing Your Child from Achieving Their Potential?

Have you noticed any differences in your child lately? Are they struggling at school? Have they begun to misbehave in class? There are many possible reasons for changes, one of which could be problems with their eyesight. In this article, The Tutoring Center of Humble would like to share with you some tell-tales signs that your child needs an eye test.

Reluctance to Participate in Class

One of the first signs of eye problems can be a lack of participation in class. If your child is struggling to see the board, they may not feel able to express this, and may instead begin to avoid reading from the board or taking part in other similar activities.

Lashing Out

Sometimes young people are unable to express what is causing them distress, and instead, they lash out. If your child has begun to exhibit this kind of behavior, a problem with their eyesight could be an explanation.

Physical Signs

If your child is always touching or rubbing their eyes, if their eyes are red, or if their eyes are often watery or ‘weeping’, this could indicate an issue with your child’s vision. If you have noticed either of these, consider seeking professional advice.

Increase Grades with Tutoring in Humble

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