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Science is a way of understanding the world, a perspective, and a way of thinking that begins in early childhood. At The Tutoring Center here in Humble, Texas, we understand how important it is for parents be involved in their child’s science education. Families who explore the world together encourage scientific thinkers and good students! Here are a few ways you can help your child discover science.

But I’m Not a Scientist

You don't have to be a scientist to help your child learn science. Questions like Why are trees green? Why does ice float? Or how does a Frisbee fly? are just a few examples of science questions you can explore with your child. The most important starting point is to ask: “Why?”

Science at Home

You can teach your child science at home by asking open-ended questions and taking the time to encourage answers. Here are a few examples:

Observing: Encourage your child to notice small details.
“What shapes do you see in that spider web?”
“Pet the dog and then the cat, which one feels softer?”

Classifying: Grouping things based on their characteristics.
“Let’s sort the socks by color, then by size.”
“Can you think of a way to divide your toys according to type?”

Predicting: Putting ideas about how things work into words and testing them.
“How long do you think this ice cube will last sitting on the plate?”
“Will it last longer on another surface?”

Logic: Encourage your child to quantify the world around them.
“Who is the tallest person in our family? By how much?”
“How many steps big is your room? How many steps big is the living room?”

Hands On

Encourage your child to take things apart! Supply him with the tools needed to take apart old toys, clocks, and household appliances with the power cords cut off. These are great hands-on lessons and fun for him as well.

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