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Preventing the Summer Learning Loss from Affecting Your Student

Your child’s school is a great learning space, not just because their lessons are taught there, but the environment is designed to promote information and encourage learning. However, once your child’s brain is away from this environment, such as between school years, they begin to forget important information and lessons. It’s called the summer learning slide, and The Tutoring Center, Humble has a great post to help prevent it.

Preventing Learning Loss

Instead of enrolling your students in full-time study, remember that your child has worked hard throughout the year and not only deserves a break, but their brain will benefit from it. The key is to find a medium between vacation and learning, for example:
  • A couple of tutoring sessions throughout the week can not only prevent learning loss but improve on past grades.
  • Preparing small quizzes which your child can use during a road trip and as part of a reward program can go a long way to preventing a learning loss.
  • Reviewing their notebook with them is a great way to both reinforce lessons and identify any learning challenges.
If your child experienced a different type of challenge during the previous school year, adapt these tips or consider other ways you can introduce small instances of learning into their summer break.

Help Your Child Prepare for the Year Ahead with One-To-One Tutoring

If your child struggled with the previous year’s classes or you are concerned about the summer learning slide, one-to-one tutoring can help. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment by calling The Tutoring Center, Humble today at 832-644-1404.


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