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Your child is expected to take in a huge amount of information at school, especially as they get older, and they can’t be expected to simply remember it all. Taking effective notes is a massive help when it comes to revising, but it can also help absorb information at the time of writing. Make sure your child is performing at their best by teaching them these note taking tips, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Humble.

Keep it simple

Make sure they don’t try to write down every word their teacher says. Suggest that they identify keywords and critical information and make sure to write this down. They may find it difficult to separate important information from the rest at first, but assure them not to be disheartened as this is a skill that they will develop with practice.

Mix it up

They don’t have to write all of their notes out as plain text. Teach them that, if it seems appropriate, they could try using a spider diagram or mind-map, or including quick cartoons if they think they will help them to remember information.

Keep it comprehensible

Your child may well be scribbling down notes that they understand perfectly at the time, but when you ask to take a look at what they studied in class that day they present a document so confusing that they themselves can’t interpret it. Remind them that they will likely need to revisit their notes in the future, so they need to be clear enough to be understood even after memories of that particular class have long-since faded.

Taking good notes is paramount to academic success, but even the best notes aren’t too helpful if nobody can find them. Make sure to read our guide to staying organized this school year to help your child stay on top of everything.

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