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 Extracurricular activities present your child with growth opportunities outside of academics and can even help them strengthen their abilities in school. Having your child participate in varied activities outside of the classroom allows them develop a more well rounded set of tools for the future. The Tutoring Center in Humble has put together a list of the some of the benefits your child can gain from participating in extracurricular activities.

  1. Well rounded interests- Enrolling your child in varied extracurricular activities can help them explore interests and even develop a passion for something new. Whether it’s music, a sport or cooking, your child will gain new skills that will help them develop their personality. Participating in an activity and committing to it long term also looks great on college applications.
  2. Time management and organization- Your child will have to learn to prioritize and organize activities. School should come first, but your child will have to learn to balance it with the demands of their chosen activity. You can help by purchasing a calendar or an organizer your child can use to keep track of important dates and practice hours. Learning to prioritize and be organized early on will be helpful as your child grows older and becomes more independent. Check out some more tips on how to make sure your child stays organized through the school year.
  3. Stay active- Having your child join a sports team or form part of an outdoor group will ensure they are getting enough exercise and time away from their electronics. Keeping your child physically active will ensure they are healthy and that they establish lifelong healthy habits.
  4. Build confidence- Participating in extracurricular activities will help your child develop character and leadership skills. Your child can take on a leadership role as captain of a sports team or leader of an outdoor group. The extra responsibility will give them a sense of pride and confidence knowing that they can lead a group of their peers. Having a skill they worked to perfect will also make them stand out and give them a sense of accomplishment.

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