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You have hopefully already realized that helping your child achieve success academically speaking, does not have to be a boring endeavour. You can, in fact, make learning fun for your child and for yourself. If you are interested in some new ways to help your child learn, and have a great time, then stay tuned for the following three activities, provided for you today by The Tutoring Center in Humble.

Creating a Family Tree

An interesting way to help introduce to family members and generations of the past is to help him or her make a family tree. You can choose how big you want this tree to be and where you’d like to put it. Start by gathering up some old photographs of your family and work with your child to explain who they are, and put the tree in order. This is not only a way to educate your child about your family, but a good way to get your child interested in history and organization.

Making Your Own Board Game

Of course you can just play an already existing board game, but what about creating one with your child instead? There are temples you can find online to make this easier. Decide with your child, what you want the board game’s subject to be, who the players are, and how the game will be played. Develop some simple rules and then take time to develop the board. This can be as involved as you want it to be. If you or someone else in your family great at working with wood, for example, you can make an actual wooden board game. Or if you choose to use cardboard and crayons, that’s ok too.

Go on a Nature Hike

This is a great option no matter what time of year. Surely, if it’s colder outside you are less likely to see as much foliage. During the spring it can even be fun to go out in the rain to see what you and your child will spot. This will give you an opportunity to see what your child already knows about his or her natural surroundings, and perhaps give you a chance to tell your child some of what you know. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get active and moving.

As you are exploring in these new games with your child, you may begin to see that there is an area your child is not hitting his or her milestones as you had expected. If that happens, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to provide the extra assistance your child needs to get back on track. You can also find more helpful hints on our blog, such as how to encourage a love for science. For tutoring in Humble, be sure to contact us at 832-644-1404.


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