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Help Your Kids Out the Door and On the Bus

It's back to school time again, which can be a huge struggle for parents and students alike. At The Tutoring Center, Humble we know the importance of being prepared for those first days of class, and want to help you get ready for back to school. One of the hardest parts about going back to school is readjusting to an early morning routine. Today, we have some tips to help you and your children this upcoming school year to avoid unnecessary tardies, hurried mornings, and unneeded stress. 

Be Strict About Bed

It's no secret one of the best parts of summer vacation is staying up late and sleeping in during the day. It is also no secret that it is very hard to change your sleep schedule, and takes days or weeks. Decide as a family a time that electronics should be put away, Stimulating the mind with television, tablets or smart phones before trying to sleep makes it much harder to fall asleep. Also, have a strict lights out policy; even if they can't sleep, they will be resting. In the mornings, allow plenty of time to wake up, but always wake up at the same time. Depending on your child, having multiple alarms may be necessary.

Plan Weekly Lunches

If you have to pack a lunch for your child, save time by planning weekly. This will allow you to do all of your shopping at once by having a nice, clear list. Depending on the menu of the week, you can prepare their lunch the night before and store it in the fridge to grab before sending them on their way; otherwise, you can prepare it as they get dressed.

Never Skip Breakfast

While you are making a weekly lunch list, think about breakfast too. Some mornings are more rushed than others ,so get a variety of different breakfast options. If you have the time to cook, sending your children off with a protein rich, high energy diet will certainly help them throughout the day. On mornings when you don't have as much time, be ready with some cereal bars, dried fruits, nuts and a few yogurt drinks; it isn't a lot of food, but it will get them to lunch without crashing!

Tutoring In Humble

Getting your family to school is not always an easy task and often requires a lot of preparation and readiness from you as parents. Once your child is at school, the situation changes and you cannot control it as much. However, you can help! If you think your student is struggling or simply want to supplement their regular education, contact us today at 832 644 1404 for a free academic evaluation and more information about our one-to-one instruction and private tutors in Humble.


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