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If your children are starting their school year in a new place, they’re probably feeling nervous and anxious. Changes are not always easy; it takes some time to adjust. You can help ease their nerves and make the transition into their new school easier by following these suggestions.

7 Tips to Make the Transition to a New School Easier

  • Make new friends: A good way to make the first day of school less terrifying is by having an ally by your side. Plan a playdate with other neighborhood children. You can’t force your children to make friends, but you can guide them in the right direction.
  • Go for a tour: Be sure to take your children to their new school before school begins so they can visit the grounds. This way they won’t feel so lost on their first day because they will at least know where their classroom is and where the bathrooms are.
  • Good night’s rest: Your children should go back to their school bedtime routine a couple of weeks before school commences. They’ll have time to get back into the groove of going to bed early and waking up on time for their morning routine before class.
  • Stock up on supplies: Let your children choose their backpack, lunch bag, and the first day of school outfit. Give them something to be excited about. Don’t forget to pick up a list of the recommended school supplies and stock up.
  • Listen: Sometimes all your children need is someone to listen to them. Let them speak about their feelings and anxiety about starting over in a new school without trying to find a solution to their problems.
  • Remain positive: Talk to your children about all the good things that come with transitioning somewhere new. They will have more friends, learn new things in school, have more stories to tell their old friends, and so on.
  • Be calm and patient: Adjusting to a new school takes time, so don’t expect your children to be super involved from one day to the next. Give them some time and just be there for them.

Tutoring in Humble Can Help

Tutoring can help boost your child’s confidence if they’re feeling nervous about not keeping up with their new classmates. Plus they can make new friends in their tutoring classes. Call up The Tutoring Center, Humble TX at 713-854-0665 to learn about their tutoring options and how they can benefit your child.


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