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Each of the comments your child’s teachers leave can be used over the summer break to help your child prepare for the next school year. To find out more on the topic, The Tutoring Center, Humble TX has a great post to share.

What’s the Common Theme?

Often, a child’s struggle will span between classes. For example, if your child struggles with public speaking then there is a good chance that multiple teachers remarked on the challenge. Keeping with this example, consider these activities:
  • Use paragraphs from textbooks, fictional stories, and even magazines and attach them to snacks in your kitchen which require your student to read each one aloud before the snack can be enjoyed.
  • Reading your junk mail aloud as you prepare dinner helps children to learn new writing styles and reading tones.
  • Allowing your child to read a range of non-educational books exposes them to vocabulary items they otherwise wouldn’t benefit from learning, helping to improve their speaking.
If your child struggles with a different subject, adapt these tips or create your own ways to include small lessons into your child’s daily life. Even small incidental lessons are powerful tools to both prevent summer learning loss and reinforce previously learned lessons.

Summer One-To-One Tutoring in Humble Can Help

If your child needs help to prepare for the next school year or they struggled with a range of subjects during the previous school year, Tutoring In Humble can help. Learn more during your free initial diagnostic assessment by calling The Tutoring Center, Humble TX today at 832-644-1404.  


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