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Help Your Child Boost Their Memory

Improving your note taking skills is a great way to help with after-class study, however not all classes involve lectures. For more hands on based activities or shared learning through the classroom, it's their memory that is going to be the biggest help. In this post, The Tutoring Center, Humble has a few ways that you can give your child's memory a helping hand.

Don't Stop the Learning

Do you know the quickest way to forget something? It's to forget something. Instead of letting their newly learned knowledge slip away, find ways to keep it fresh. If they have an upcoming exam, print out small pieces of information around the house for them to review. Quickly recalling an algorithm or period of history while they brush their teeth may seem incidental, however small reminders can have a great impact when it comes time to recall the lesson.

Make It a Game

Whatever subject they are focused on right now, take their notes and turn it into a game. If they want dessert, let's hope they can remember how to do that one calculation they struggle with. Do they need a ride to the mall? Sure, just as soon as they tell you an important part of history you know they alway complain about. Making them really focus for something they want can be just what their memory needs.

Keep It Small

If your child constantly struggles to remember entire lessons, shorten them. Break up their notes or their review articles in half. It might just be that reviewing half their lessons or lectures in the morning, then the second part to at night can be just the trick they need.

Tutoring in Humble

With the importance of being able to not only remember but easily recall important information always growing, it's no surprise that parents are looking for additional ways to help their child succeed. If you are interested in help your child boost their memory, along with their grades, speak with The Tutoring Center, Humble on 832 644 1404. During your free consultation you can ask any questions you have about these, or any other ways that your child's grades can benefit from Tutoring In Humble.


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