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Help Your Child to Take Better Notes

If your child is starting to approach the time in their educational path where they are starting to take notes in preparing for upcoming exams or tutorials, The Tutoring Center, Humble has a few ways that you can help.

Start With Scribble

Unless your child is studying the art of Doctor's handwriting, their notes need to be completely legible for easy recollection when the time comes. Take a look at your child's notes and suggest ways they can take cleaner notes. It may be as simple as a change of pens or a more comfortable writing position to improve their legibility.

Don't Write Everything

It can be tempting for students, especially those new to note to taking to write down everything that the lecturer or professor says, however each parent knows this is an ineffective way to learn. Before the next lecture or study event, sit with your child and discuss any particular areas they need to note, and what type of information they expect to receive during the session. For example, if they are attending a history lecture, find a new way or format they can use to quickly record important dates and places without losing the flow of the lecture.

Keep Notes Handy

Notes are only helpful if they're around when you need them. If you need your trig notes but you only have your English books on you, then you're stuck. Find an appropriate notebook which allows your child to section off individual topics and, if possible, assignments within these topics. Encourage your child to keep their notes organised and central in this folder, ensuring their notes are with them whenever they have the chance to study.

Tutoring in Humble

Helping your child to become a better note taker will have a great benefits on their educational path as well as their general memory abilities, and can be a great complement to tutoring in Humble. If you are interested in these and more ways you can help your child improve their grades, speak with The Tutoring Center, Humble on 832 644 1404 and schedule you and your child's free consultation.


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