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If you’re looking for ways to help your child excel at school, hiring a tutor is an excellent option. We here at The Tutoring Center in Humble don’t expect you to simply take our word for it, however; here are the chief reasons one-on-one tutoring is such a powerful tool.


In class at school or as part of group tutoring, your child can’t be the teacher or tutor’s only focus. They have other students to attend to, too, and as a result your child may have difficulty understanding some concepts or taking in some information that simply gets glossed over as the teacher runs through the lesson. With one-on-one tutoring, your child is the only student, meaning the tutor can make absolutely certain they’ve understood every last thing.


Many children aren’t all that confident when it comes to speaking in class, taking part in debates and discussions, or asking question that they feel may make them look silly. This is far less likely to be an issue when it’s just your child and their tutor together, so your child is more likely to point out when they haven’t fully understood something and ask more clarifying questions, meaning they learn more and understand concepts more deeply.

Study skills

From effective note-taking to perfect time management, study skills are a vital part of your child’s education; if they aren’t studying effectively, they’re wasting time, so it’s crucial that they learn to be efficient students, as well as being hard-working. These kills are, sadly, often neglected at school, but a tutor can help your child develop these study skills with the focused attention that one-on-one tutoring brings.


Seeing as you’re hiring the tutor, you can be sure to pick one that your child likes and whose style your child appreciates and will benefit from. Just as every student is unique, every teacher is an individual too, and have their own teaching styles and approaches. Picking the perfect tutor for your child will make sure their sessions are both rewarding and fun.

To get the best tutoring in Humble, look no further than The Tutoring Center. Our Geniuses in Training academic programs are specially-designed to target the specific skills your child needs to flourish academically. Call 832-644-1404 to schedule a free diagnostic assessment today.


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