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Without your school supplies, you wouldn't have as effective learning experiences. After all, you need them to take notes, complete the exercises at school, answer tests, and more. To make sure your learning experience won't suffer due to a missing pen, follow the tips below to keep better...

Preventing the Summer Learning Loss from Affecting Your Student

Your child’s school is a great learning space, not just because their lessons are taught there, but the environment is designed to promote information and encourage learning. However, once your child’s brain is away from this...

Each of the comments your child’s teachers leave can be used over the summer break to help your child prepare for the next school year. To find out more on the topic, The Tutoring Center, Humble TX has a great post to share.

What’s the Common Theme?

Often, a child’s struggle will span between...

Does Your Child Doubt They Will Use Math as an Adult?

Every parent knows that math is used every day of their life. However, the challenge seems to be convincing children of the fact. If this rings true to you, below is a great activity from The Tutoring Center, Humble which can help.

Teach with...


Boosting Your Child's Reading Level

If your child struggles with reading then it can affect the types of opportunities they are eligible for throughout their academic and career paths. To help your student improve their reading level, The Tutoring Center, Humble has prepared the following post.



Preparing for an Exam

It’s important for students to try their hardest when sitting every exam because the results can influence their academic path. If your student needs help with their exams, The Tutoring Center, Humble has prepared some tips for you to share with them.

Plan It All Out


Keep Your Child's Brain Active During Spring Break

With spring break soon upon us, parents around the country start to think about what they can do to entertain their children during this period. If this sounds like you, The Tutoring Center, Humble has prepared a great post about how involving...

It’s Report Card Time!

Your child’s report card is either on its way or sitting in your hands. If you aren’t convinced that the grades shown reflect your child’s abilities, this article from The Tutoring Center, Humble can help.

What’s the Cause?

The best place to start is with a comfortable and...

Helping Your Child to Stay on Track to Reach Their Goals

With children well on their way to the midpoint of the school year, it can become difficult to keep focus and maintain the motivation they had during the start of the school year. This lack of interest can often lead to poor grades. To...

Help Make the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Meeting

Now that your child has had a chance to settle into the new school year and meet their new teachers, it’s time for you, as their parent, to have the same opportunity through parent-teacher meetings. To help you prepare and to get the most out of...


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