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Confident children tend to do better in school because they’re not afraid to ask questions and make mistakes. Help your child be more self-confident with these tips.

Raise Your Child’s Confidence for Better Academic Performance

Many times the reason why students fail isn’t that they’re not...
Remember that feeling of staring at your exam and your mind suddenly going blank? That’s test anxiety, and your child might be going through it. Here’s what you can do to help them overcome it.

Teach Your Child to Cope With Test Anxiety

Does your child suffer whenever they have to take a test?...
Doing homework and studying are two very different things. Learn about their difference and how you can develop better study skills.

If students developed good study skills their stress levels during exams would be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, many students don’t even understand the...
January is the time to set goals and make resolutions. To be able to achieve your goals you need to set them smartly. Here’s how you can set goals you can stick to.

You Should Set Your Goals Wisely

Many of us choose to make New Year's resolutions every January. Many of us tend to forget those...
A winter learning loss is a reality your child needs to work hard to prevent. Try these ideas to keep them learning every day during their winter break.

Everything Can Be a Learning Opportunity

Everything can be a learning opportunity, you just need to look for the lesson. You don’t need to sit...
Children who are often stressed and anxious can suffer some health issues. Youngsters should try to be as happy and calm as possible. If your child is feeling stressed out, here are some tips to help soothe them.

Childhood Can Be Stressful

Contrary to popular belief, childhood is not always happy...
Children are full of curiosity, ideas, imagination, and creativity.  Gathering those ideas on paper can be tough. You can help your children get into the flow of writing and maintain those precious thoughts with these tips.

Make Writing Fun

The trick to get your youngster writing is to make it...
Many parents forbid competition in their vocabulary when it comes to raising their children. However, not all competition is bad. A little healthy competition can benefit children, here's how. Some parents try all possible means to avoid letting their kids be involved in some competition. They...
If your children are starting their school year in a new place, they’re probably feeling nervous and anxious. Changes are not always easy; it takes some time to adjust. You can help ease their nerves and make the transition into their new school easier by following these suggestions.

7 Tips to...

The summer slide affects every student. As soon as school is out, they mysteriously forget all they saw in class, especially when it comes to their reading skills. Help them keep their skills fresh by trying out these easy tips.

Keeping Reading Skills Alive Over the Summer

When summer vacation...


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