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 As the second semester begins, and you’ve already begun with our tips to help your child start the new year right,  you may now be wondering how you can improve your communication with your child’s teacher, in order to see where he or she is having struggles. The Tutoring Center in Humble would like to help you today by giving you some hints as to the most common and effective forms of communication between parents and teachers.

At the beginning of the school year you’ll likely receive an invitation to the school’s Open House. This will happen either just before the school year begins or within the first few weeks, depending on the school district. The purpose of the open house is for the students and parents to come in, get to know the school, the classroom, and the teacher. There, the teacher will give you a list of his or her expectations for the class, system of operation, and other helpful hints. Open House is the first opportunity you’ll have to clear up any concerns you have, offer yourself as a helper to the teacher, and express any issues your child may be facing in the coming year.

Next, throughout the year, there will be an opportunity to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences. These conferences typically focus on the academic and behavior issues that a teacher may see in a student. However, you may also set up one of these conferences in order to talk about any concerns you have, and to meet minds with the teacher on ways your child can be best assisted.

If you’ve got the chance, get involved in school activities. If you are a working parent, you may not be able to go to the school during the day to volunteer. Remember that you’ve still got an opportunity to join the Parent Teacher Association, which typically meets in the evening to accommodate the needs of working parents.

Lastly, keep communication open with your child’s teacher. At either a parent/teacher conference or open house, ensure that the teacher is aware of your eagerness to help. Let him or her know that you’re there whenever a concern arises about your child. Communicate with the teacher in the form that is easiest for him or her, be it by email or by phone.

In one of your conversations with your child’s teacher, you two may conclude that your child would benefit grately from extra assistance. Remember that The Tutoring Center is available to do just that. For tutoring in Humble, contact us at 832-644-1404.


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