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The summer slide affects every student. As soon as school is out, they mysteriously forget all they saw in class, especially when it comes to their reading skills. Help them keep their skills fresh by trying out these easy tips.

Keeping Reading Skills Alive Over the Summer

When summer vacation arrives, school is the last thing on a child’s mind. They don’t have to worry about books, homework, or getting up early, all they have to do is relax. There is a downside to this relaxation: their brains get lazy and tend to forget most of what they saw during the school year. One of the first skills children forget over the summer is reading, even more so if they weren’t the most prolific readers in the first place. Here are a few pointers to keep their minds active and their reading skills fresh.

Pick 6 Books

Research shows that six books are all that’s needed to keep those reading skills thriving over the summer, no matter what type of reader your child is. Stop by your local library to pick some options. The books must not be too hard nor too easy, they must be just right. If you don’t know where to start, ask the librarian for suggestions according to your child’s interest and reading abilities.

Read Daily

Even if they only pick up their book for 15 minutes each day, reading daily is a must. Show your child that reading should be a priority by reading yourself. Take some time to bond and read together. Bring out the fairy tales at night and have them read aloud just be sure they practice daily.

Reward Their Efforts

Encourage them to set reading goals for the summer and establish the date when they will complete them. Keep a tally of the progress they’ve made so they can visually see where they at regarding their goals. Each time they reach a milestone, like reaching the middle part of the book or completing a story, give them a small reward. Give them a big reward when they finally reach their summer goal. Don’t forget that verbal praise is important to keep them motivated as well.

Tutoring in Humble for Better Reading Skills

If your children are in need of a summer distraction and could do with the extra reading practice, tutoring in Humble is the answer you’re looking for. The Tutoring Center, Humble TX has a variety of summer tutoring programs that will keep your children’s brain in action. Call them at 713-854-0665 to learn about their many tutoring options.


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