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Reading is a basic school skill that expands the vocabulary and enhances memory and creativity among many other benefits. However, for some children, reading can represent a difficulty which can lead to reluctance. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Humble, we created the following post containing a few ideas to motivate your children to read.  

What to Read

Your children should always choose their reading material according to their hobbies and interests - keep in mind that comic books and graphic novels are a different kind of literature and are a great way to engage your children in reading and a good first step before they move to more challenging material.

Read Aloud

There is no right age at which to be read to. Reading aloud to your children will keep them entertained and improve language and literacy abilities, plus it also gives you quality time together. Remember that you should also lead by example and enjoy a book in front of your children as they will most likely imitate your behavior. 

What to Avoid

It takes time to become a reader - building the confidence to explore new stories and words is a complex process. Be patient and don’t nag your children to grab a book. Never criticize their choices, and be sure to praise their efforts.  

This skill will be required throughout your children’s education and it’s fundamental for their academic success, hence the importance of instilling this ability from a young age. Solid study habits are also important, so don’t forget to read this guide containing tips to stay organized during the school year

If your children are struggling to engage in reading, you should look for assistance. At The Tutoring Center, we developed an exclusive Geniuses in Training Reading Program with which your children can strengthen the skills and abilities they need to become great readers.  Plus, we provide a free diagnostic assessment to learn more about the particular case of each of our students and the best way to help them. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Humble. 

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