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Boosting Your Child's Reading Level

If your child struggles with reading then it can affect the types of opportunities they are eligible for throughout their academic and career paths. To help your student improve their reading level, The Tutoring Center, Humble has prepared the following post.

Learn About Carpet Sales!

When email came along, we all thought that it would be the end to a mailbox filled with flyers, promotional materials, and bank notices. However, you only need to look at your mailbox and kitchen bench to realize that this didn’t happen. However, instead of discarding these items, use them as a teaching platform. As you prepare dinner, ask your children to read these letters to you. This could range from a flyer about a local carpet sale or a letter from your local council about road works. Providing your children with a range of reading material, including legal notices and material designed to sell, gives them the opportunity to learn a range of vocabulary items which they otherwise wouldn’t encounter in class.

Letter-Sound Combinations

Learning new words by sounding them out is a great technique, however, not all letter combinations sound the same. As you are cooking dinner, ask your children to read you the ingredients on the labels of different items or have them read the recipe you're using. Of course, the items on the ingredients list aren't going to make their way into your child’s lexicon, but the broad range of words and letter-sound combinations on the label make it the perfect platform to teach pronunciation and help children to learn new words on their own.

Tutoring in Humble Works

If your student struggles to read your mail or make out the sound of ingredients without your help, one-to-one tutoring in Humble can help. To find out more, speak with The Tutoring Center, Humble at 832-644-1404 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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