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Many people believe that coordination is pre-determined; either you are born with it, or you aren't. This is not true at all. Coordination is a learnable skill and a skill that needs to be developed. Helping children improve their coordination levels from a young age can be very beneficial. Learn some tips on how to help your child become more coordinated by reading this article by  The Tutoring Center, Humble, TX.

Hand-Eye Coordination

To help your child improve their hand-eye coordination, have them do exercises where they catch a ball with their hands. Have them start easy by catching the ball with two hands. After, stand further away from them and have them catch the ball with their dominant hand. Make sure to have them catch the ball with their non-dominant hand as well. You can make the exercise more challenging by throwing the ball at different heights.

Balance Exercises

Balance is a crucial part of coordination training. We need to have good balance to perform daily tasks such as walking, running, squatting, etc. Balance can be improved by doing simple exercises such as standing on one foot. Have your child stand on one foot and raise their leg until they form a 90-degree angle. Have them hold this pose as long as possible and ask them to switch to the other leg. Have them do some squads between changing legs to make things more challenging.

Jump Rope Exercises

Jump rope exercises, along with helping improve coordination, help improve cardiovascular resistance as well. Start by asking your child to jump with both feet and then switch to jumping on one foot, then the other. Progress to more challenging moves such as criss-cross jumps and increase the speed and change the rhythm.

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