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Is Your Child Struggling Already?

As much as your child would like to think that the first few days or even weeks of the new school year are all about meeting new classmates, with a range of learning milestones and exams throughout the year, teachers need to utilize the limited time available as much as possible. The Tutoring Center, Humble has the following post about how this could be a challenge for your child and how tutoring In Humble can help.

No Time for Review

Children who kept up with their studies over the summer break, even just reviewing their notebooks, can find that the more difficult classes they are being taught are part of natural progression. However, if your child spent their entire summer vacation ignoring their notebooks or homework, they can find these lessons too challenging. The issue is the summer learning slide. This is a phenomenon which affects students who take a long break away from an educational environment. During this time, their brain can lose or forget important information, such as important math lessons or equations, or historical dates and references. While during the course of their vacation this doesn’t pose a problem, it can result in them falling behind in their new classes before the lunch bell has even had a chance to sound.

Back-to-School Tutoring in Humble Can Help Children Like Yours

Back-to-school tutoring in Humble can fill in any learning blanks your child has. This could include sessions of subject-focused tutoring programs or providing homework help. Through these sessions, students are able to relearn foundational information in a comfortable and distraction-free learning environment. In addition to relearning these lessons, tutors are also able to help your child understand how their previous lessons relate to their new lessons while also helping them understand their new lessons. By providing your child with a dedicated learning space, students feel comfortable asking any and all questions they have about the new lessons they are learning. Students who are given the opportunity to benefit from tutoring in Humble are in a position to return to their new classes with the knowledge they need to excel this new school year and reach the grades you know they are capable of.

Tutoring in Humble Works!

If you are concerned about your child falling behind this school year or they just need some help raising last year’s C to an A+, tutoring in Humble can help. To find out more and learn how tutoring in Humble can work for your child, book your free initial diagnostic assessment today by calling The Tutoring Center, Humble at 832-644-1404.


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