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Keep Your Child's Brain Active During Spring Break

With spring break soon upon us, parents around the country start to think about what they can do to entertain their children during this period. If this sounds like you, The Tutoring Center, Humble has prepared a great post about how involving your children in your spring cleaning can keep their brain active during the break.

Measuring and Science

You probably take it for granted, but measuring and mixing concentrated products to achieve a new consistency or cleaning strength isn’t knowledge you were born with. When you need to mix fluids, water-down a solution, or change consistency, be sure to include your children in the lesson. Not only can these basic lessons help young children to understand measurements, but the change in consistency is a great science lesson for everybody to learn.

Plan Your Day

Many students are unable to achieve high grades due to poor time management. Whether it’s forgetting to plan for an assignment or simply not allowing enough time for homework, this behavior can lead to low grades. When you are planning out what needs to be done around the house for your spring cleaning, teach them how you do it. Show them how you plan out the list of items to be completed, then estimate the time needed, and prioritize the workload to ensure everything can get done in the designated time.

Tutoring in Humble Can Keep Your Child’s Brain Active

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