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How Water Affects Learning

Children may blame their inability to focus in the class on boredom or on complicated lessons. Although there probably is some truth to those accusations, there are other reasons why they could be struggling to pay attention. Dehydration may be one of them. Even the most minimally dehydrated brain performs up to 15 percent slower than a hydrated one. This is one of the many reasons why children should always have their water bottle close by. If you want to know more about how dehydration can affect your child’s learning, read this post The Tutoring Center, Humble TX has for you. Remember that along with water, tutoring in Humble is a great idea.

The Importance of Water

As you know, water is necessary for almost all bodily processes. Just like the rest of our bodies, our brain is made up of mostly water, around 80 percent to be more precise, and water is one of the main tools for neurological transmissions. So, if there isn’t enough water in the brain it becomes tougher to send and receive information. Yours and your child’s abilities to concentrate, memorize or pay attention greatly decrease when you are thirsty.

How to Detect Dehydration

When the thirst begins it means your children are already on their way to dehydration and their mental power has already decreased around 10 percent. Sugary drinks are not going to fix this, but water can. Being dehydrated can make them feel tired, dizzy and obviously unfocused. Look out for some of these signs that show your child is dehydrated: sticky or dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, cramps, headaches, and, of course, thirst.

How to Fix Dehydration

The best remedies to fix and prevent dehydration is to actually drink the recommended 6 to 9 daily glasses of water. Teach your children to love water, and encourage them to drink it often. They can also get some of this vital liquid by maintaining a healthy diet and eating lots of fruit.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in Humble TX

Once your children are properly hydrated and ready to learn, take them to tutoring in Humble. The Tutoring Center, Humble TX is a magnificent place to learn.  They have many tutoring programs to suit your children’s needs. Give them a call at 713-854-0665 to learn more!


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