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Doing homework and studying are two very different things. Learn about their difference and how you can develop better study skills.

If students developed good study skills their stress levels during exams would be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, many students don’t even understand the difference between homework time and study time. In this post, you’ll learn the difference between these two actions, and you’ll get a few tips to make your study sessions more effective.

Homework Vs. Studying

Homework is meant to give students extra practice and give teachers an idea of how their pupils are doing. These assignments reinforce what you learned in class and give you some extra practice. Studying, on the other hand, involves reviewing your material without the purpose of handing it in. Usually, students study before an exam, but it can be done at any time to strengthen their knowledge.

Tips to Develop Your Study Skills

Increase your productivity: One of the first things you should do before beginning your session is find a good place free of distractions to review. You should have your material in order, including notes, pens, highlighter, textbooks, etc. Design a study plan: Plan how you’re going to occupy your study session. Are you going to review a single subject or more? How much time do you have? What do you plan to accomplish during each session? A plan helps you stay organized and be more responsible. Work on your notes: To have a successful study session, you need to have all the material. You won’t be reading your entire textbook again, which means you should have excellent notes. Work on improving your technique. Take some breaks: Stop your study session from time to time to clear your head and refuel. Stay positive: Try to remain positive, even when you’re studying for a tough subject. Believing that you can do better will help you do better.

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