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Composition Help: Overcoming Writers Block

Getting started can be the most difficult aspect of writing. Many of the obstacles we face in composing a written work come from within ourselves, and we need to overcome them. Here is some advice for pulling out the kinks and getting the pen moving.

Lower Your Standards

A famous poet, William Stafford, once said, "There is no such thing as writer's block for writers whose standards are low enough." Not an excuse to turn in garbage, what Stafford meant is that perfection can be the enemy of the good. Expecting to put the most beautiful, succinct, compelling piece of writing together can keep you from writing anything down. The best thing is to just write at first. Let the ideas flow, however poorly you may articulate them. Do not judge. Just write. Go back and clean up what you have written later.

Start at the Beginning?

The beginning may not be the best place to start. Start on areas that interest you most and come back to the introductory stuff later. It is wise to tailor your introduction and thesis statement to what you have written anyway. And thanks to word processing technology, no one will know you wrote the first section last.


Jogging the body will help jog the mind. If you are really stuck and can't get any ideas flowing, just try a bit of exercise and come back to it.

Talk It Out

Speaking to a friend, or even into a voice recorder, about your writing topic can help get your ideas flowing. Take notes on your conversation so you do not forget anything, and then free write what you discussed.

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