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Children are full of curiosity, ideas, imagination, and creativity.  Gathering those ideas on paper can be tough. You can help your children get into the flow of writing and maintain those precious thoughts with these tips.

Make Writing Fun

The trick to get your youngster writing is to make it seem like a game. Don't turn writing practice into another chore. If your children make grammar or spelling mistakes, you can work on them later. For now, just let them write however they want. Here are some games and prompts.
  • Acceptance speech: Your children are going to receive an award, be it an Oscar, a Nobel prize, a Grammy, or anything they're interested in, and they need to make an acceptance speech. Help them organize their ideas if they have trouble sequencing them. Prepare a ceremony with costumes to make it fun.
  • A day in the life: Let your children use a camera to take an hourly photo throughout their day. You should take one of them before they wake up in the morning and one when they go to sleep at night. Print out the photos and paste them on construction paper. Afterwards, your children should describe next to each picture what was happening in that moment.
  • Comic strips: Children usually prefer to draw. They can create a comic with a short amount of text. Later, they can use that comic as a plan to write a more detailed story.

Tutoring in Humble for Better Writers

If your child is struggling with their writing and reading skills, tutoring in Humble can help them out. Both writing and reading should be enjoyable tasks. Tutoring can help your children see them that way. Learn about the many tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Humble TX has to offer by calling them at 713-854-0665.


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