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Many parents forbid competition in their vocabulary when it comes to raising their children. However, not all competition is bad. A little healthy competition can benefit children, here's how. Some parents try all possible means to avoid letting their kids be involved in some competition. They do so, worried that losing might affect their self-esteem. Nevertheless, a little bit of healthy competition is good for them; they get to learn lessons that will help them during adulthood. Here are some ways to encourage healthy competition in children.

Talk About Accomplishments and Not About Winning

No one likes to be one goal down during a game. Your children should know that it's alright to lose as long as they made a real effort. If they decided before the game that they were going to score three goals, and they did, that's even better than winning. They achieved what they set out to do.

Your Child is Your Child's Biggest Competitor

Instead of competing against their classmates or friends, your children should be competing against themselves. They should always be aiming to do better than last time, be it on a test, race, or any area where they can do better.

Don't Make Love a Condition

It is good to value excellence, but it shouldn’t be the reason why your children feel valued. It’s better to inspire them to be responsible, caring, and empathetic instead of raising them to be winners at whatever cost. They will associate winning with self-worth, and it will become impossible for them to handle failure.

Stop Comparing

Comparison often starts at home and promotes sibling rivalry. Seemingly innocent comments like, "Why can't you be more responsible like your sister," can breed resentment. Your children are different, they have different skills, and they should be appreciated for that.

Promote Healthy Competition with Tutoring in Humble

Help your children compete against themselves by helping them improve their grades at school. Tutoring in Humble will allow them to reach and even surpass their goals. Call The Tutoring Center, Humble TX at 713-854-0665 and talk to them about the benefits of one-on-one tutoring as well as their tutoring options.


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